Buy a floor in the Autumn for all Seasons


With Autumn upon us, this September is the perfect time to buy a floor in Autumn and enjoy it through all the seasons. So, why not update your old flooring with the team here at Stone Carpets. What better way than getting a brand new floor to prepare for the winter cold than insulating your home from the foundations. So, that this winter is a lot more comfortable, relaxing and stylish too.

Stone Carpets offer a range of different carpets, Karndean flooring, vinyl flooring, and much more to browse at, as we look to provide you with a carpet that will be just as homely during the winter as it will be in the summer.

Autumn Floor ranges

Ensuring that all of your home interior updates are perfected for winter will not just benefit you in the short term, but our team is made up of flooring specialists, who are able to guide you through the whole planning, designing, and installation process, to make it a certainty that your flooring is there to last, having specialist knowledge on both installation and maintenance.

That’s why, Stone Carpets work with the biggest flooring brands to provide a range of contemporary and luxury designs to choose from at affordable prices, along with a selection of different colours, materials, and patterns to fit perfectly into your pre-existing interior.

Buy a floor in the Autumn for all Seasons

This time of year is also the perfect time to switch from flooring to a carpet, being the ideal temperature to make the switch and hopefully keep your home warm and cosy over the winter months.

Stone Carpets invite you to our Leigh Showroom, a place where you can pick your new flooring today, whilst being surrounded by a team of experts, who will take care of you through the whole process to make sure you get the best deal possible this autumn.

Our team is available in-store, 7 days a week, for both quick chats and long discussions about the flooring which is the missing piece of the jigsaw for your home.