How to keep your Amtico Flooring Clean

Amtico Flooring

Are you looking for tips on how to keep your Amtico flooring as immaculate as the day it was fitted? Then read on and let Stones Carpets will give you the top tips for tender loving care!

Amtico Cleaning & Maintenance

So, with everyone’s busy schedules these days it’s not great to add more time to cleaning your floors. But, the floor in your home is the one thing that people will be using constantly notice because there is no way around it. Therefore, Amtico flooring is a great flooring solution because it is easy to clean and look after, allowing you to spend time on the things you enjoy doing! 

Cleaning Your Amtico Floor

This type of flooring is great if you want low effort cleaning a quick sweep with a normal brush usually does the job! However, when it comes to general cleaning and marks; Stones Carpets advise using Amtico floorcare maintainer.

Amtico’s floor maintainer is easily applied with a mop and will remove any marks that are hard to remove. Plus, we have found non-abrasive pads will clear any scuff marks that remain from the other methods. 

Additionally, there is a further method to keep your Amtico floor looking brand new for long periods of time. And, this is named ‘strip and dress’ which is a great technique to use with Amtico flooring from time to time.

So, this is a deeper clean, designed to remove dirt that’s compressed into the wood. Also, this cleaning technique adds protection with a beautiful satin finish once the process is done!

Overall, if you are interested in getting your household Amtico flooring, then look no further than Stones Carpets. We offer a superb range of flooring to fit any budget! So, come down to our store and see for yourself today.