Karndean Flooring – Perfect for any property

Karndean Flooring

Investing in new flooring for your property should be a straightforward experience. Nevertheless, when it comes to purchasing new flooring, your options can seem infinite and can result in choice paralysis. Finding a range that hits your flooring needs sweet spots perfectly, ensures you get the most out of your investment. And an excellent way to ensure this is opting for Karndean flooring.

What is Karndean flooring?

Karndean flooring itself is a vinyl flooring product. Made mainly from calcium carbonate, otherwise known as limestone, polyvinyl chloride, and pigments.

This innovative vinyl flooring is structured with five layers. These layers are made up of two PVC backing layers, one high-definition photographic layer, one clear PVC embossed wear layer and a top polyurethane (PU) protective coating.

Being one of the leading Vinyl flooring manufacturers, Karndean are notable for their high-quality products that come with a luxury feel. Without being massively high on price!

Why choose Karndean flooring UK

from versatility to durability, Karndean flooring offers excellent value for money. Even though the cost may be slightly higher than some flooring options on the market, such as your regular vinyl floors. The Stones Carpets’ range offers numerous benefits that make your investment well worth it.

Authentic appearance

Karndean’s beautiful range of wood, stone, and abstract effect vinyl tiles, are perfect for bringing the outside in. These natural look floors emulate nature perfectly but don’t come at the same high cost as their legitimate counterparts.

Karnan Floors are perfect for home and commercial use. This type of flooring offers all of the grain and knot details of natural wood flooring without the practical downsides, whilst still being hardwearing with the look and beauty of natural flooring.

Resilient structure

As a result of how Karndean flooring is manufactured, it’s able to maintain its shape and size at all times. Whereas wooden flooring is prone to warping and shrinkage depending on weather conditions.

Karndean is low maintenance and easy to clean

Karndean flooring is low maintenance and requires little upkeep once the installation is complete. In the instance that your Karndean flooring becomes damaged, you can easily replace a single tile or plank. Without the need to replace any of the surrounding floorings!

In addition to this, Karndean flooring is also a very hygienic flooring option as there are no fibres for bacteria or dust mites to hide within. A simple wipe down can ensure your floor is kept clean and pristine.


Due to being manufactured from lightweight materials, this specific flooring offers the versatility to be laid in any room of the house.

As well as this, the range is also versatile in the sense that the variety of designs is wide and has a fabulous selection of looks and patterns that can fit into any setting.

Karndean Flooring Range

Regardless of what room you’re planning to give a makeover with your new flooring, or whatever your style may be, you’re destined to find a look that’s just right for you in our wide range of stunning Karndean Design flooring Collection:

Karndean showroom

Due to Karndean having such a wide but beautiful range of flooring, it can take more than just browsing through a screen to decide on your next flooring purchase. This is where our Karndean showroom comes in.

Here at Stones Carpets, we are a registered Karndean retailer and a local flooring specialist that provides professional advice on choice and installation.

We cover a 45-mile radius around our Leigh Showroom. Therefore, you can get design ideas and Free estimates for Karndean floor installations in Leigh, Wigan, Warrington, St Helens, Cheshire, and surrounding areas.

If you have any questions, would like further information, or would like a free quote, get in touch today!

Similarly, why not Book an appointment to speak with one of our flooring experts, where you will be able to discuss all of your flooring needs with one of our experts. We’ll be able to answer any queries you may have. As well as give you the chance to explore all products options! Based on your lifestyle, taste and budget, making transforming your home as stress-free and safe as possible.