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For the most eye-catching and unique style out of any flooring, Kaleidoscope Flooring is known for its many differing patterns and designs, in which are easy to clean and maintain, specially crafted with the durability and longevity in mind. Kaleidoscope Flooring combines shapes and patterns of cubes, hexagons and many woven designs, with the aesthetically pleasing 3D effects of Cubix and Pennon, to provide your home or commercial setting with a classy, timeless look. Being best-suited in a home setting, Kaleidoscope Flooring add a marvelous flair to any corridor, kitchen and living room, making for a very comfortable yet grand style of flooring at a surprisingly reasonable price.

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If you’re looking for flooring for commercial and retail designs, take a look at Karndean’s Kaleidoscope Flooring range. Due to the fact that its main qualities include that it’s waterproof, attractive, and durable, the Kaleidoscope range created by Karndean is popular with many!

Kaleidoscope allows you to can create a commercial environment that can leave a lasting impact and can also optimise your space to promote constant engagement.

if you would like to visualise how Karndean floors will look in your own space, our staff have over 20 Years Experience and are available for you to speak to.

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Discover the unlimited possibilities in Kaleidoscope’s extensive palettes