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The flooring to bring out the natural look of your home is most definitely Karndean’s Korlok Flooring. Karndean Korlok Flooring breathes new life into both your living room and garden, interconnecting the two to give you a gorgeous living room space to relax in! Korlok Flooring is most commonly found in countryside interiors, as it captures a traditionally rural look and makes for a durable, easy to clean surface , hygienic and pet friendly, making it perfect for busy homes. Korlok Flooring is known for its smooth, shiny design, a design which wont fade over time, as its very easy to maintain and clean, as well as being waterproof, ensuring that your flooring is made to last.

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Korlok flooring has excellent designs for commercial and retail settings and comes with many fantastic qualities. Not only is this range strong and stable, but it also boasts quick and easy installation, as well as impressive acoustic benefits.

With the Korlok range, you are able to design a beautiful setting that will inspire and promote engagement and create a focal point in any room.

If you would like to get a feel of how the fabulous Korlok range of flooring will look in your property, you can speak to a member of our staff, who have 20 years+ of experience in the industry.

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