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The Karndean Looselay Collection has an array of different wood flooring designs, light shades, dark shades and everything in between, a wide range of colours to ensure you find the perfect wooden flooring for your home or work place.Looselay Flooring is best-suited for workplaces, to bring a welcoming tone to your workplace, a very modern tone too. Looselay Flooring is very easy to install, as well as being easy to access underneath the floor, whilst still ensuring that the flooring stays in place, being perfect for reducing noise transfer in upstairs rooms.

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Karndean Looselay Flooring is a type of flooring for commerial and retail designs. Its main qualities are that it provides your home with a natural look, whilst still remaining stain resistant, making it easy to maintain. Thanks to Looselay flooring you can create a commercial environment that not only leaves a lasting impression but also creates a space that will promote constant engagement.

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