Pet Friendly Carpets for lockdown puppy boom!

As lockdown appears to be coming to an end, the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association are recording a record high of pet owners in the UK which has been rising throughout the pandemic.

In fact, 3.2 million households in the UK have acquired a pet since the start of the pandemic, according to them. That means the country now has 17 million pet-owning homes.

Many have bought pets in response to social isolation. And for many pets have proven to be a lifesaver for lockdown loneliness. But some pet owners are finding that their new best friend is more trouble to look after than they had anticipated.

So, we thought we’d jump in on the topic and talk about pet-friendly carpets and how to keep a clean floor in your home. Whilst enjoying the company of a new furry friend.

Pet-Friendly & Stain-Free Carpets

Pet Friendly Carpet

Puppy not Includedstainfree carpets

So, you have a new puppy or kitten charging around the house, we’re sure you’ll be looking for easy clean ranges of flooring. The obvious choice would be waterproof flooring types, like lino, vinyl, and quality laminates.

However, not all people enjoy a solid floor and still prefer to opt for the warmth and comfort of carpet. On this basis let us introduce you to Cormer Carpets stain resistant, pet & family-friendly range.

Cormers easy clean carpet ranges are perfect for all around the home and all come with a 10-year stain and wear guarantee. Here’s an overview of what we think are the best pet-friendly carpets from the Cormer range:

Primo Plus stain resistant carpet
One of the most successful easy-clean twist carpets of recent years, Primo Plus is stain resistant, bleach cleanable. Manufactured using fine tenth gauge machinery, it is made with 100% Excellon polypropylene renowned for its stain resistance and hardwearing properties.

Apollo Plus easy-clean carpet
Popular Easy-Clean carpet – made from 100% Excellon polypropylene two-fold yarn – stain resistant and bleach cleanable carpet.  Tufted on tenth gauge machinery to provide a dense pile carpet suitable for use throughout the home.

Apollo Elite heavyweight stain-resistant
Heavyweight stain-resistant carpet in fourteen best selling heather and plain shades, Apollo Elite is a popular choice throughout the home. Suitable for extra heavy domestic use.

But don’t just take it from us, there are nine types of carpet to choose from in the easy clean range. And, all the carpets are on display in Stones local quality carpet showroom

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