We are more than just an Amtico floor retailer!

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We are more than just an Amtico floor retailer, in fact, we are experts in fitting all styles of Amtico floors to both domestic and commercial properties. So, today we thought we would share some of the questions we are frequently asked:

1. What is an Amtico floor?

Amtico flooring is a high-end, luxury vinyl flooring solution that can be used throughout your home to achieve the visual effects of tile, wood, and stone without the downsides of using natural materials.  Amtico is popular for its versatility, as it can be fitted on a wide variety of underfloors, from timber and stone to concrete.

2. How much does Amtico Flooring cost?

Because Amtico flooring is a high-end vinyl, it’s a little pricier than your average vinyl flooring, which can start at as low as £6-£7 per square metre. But at the same time, it is going to come in vastly cheaper than those natural materials like stone or wood. Amtico flooring can cost anything from £20-£90 per square meter, so the price you pay will depend on the quality and design you go for.

3. Does Amtico need underlay?

We recommend Amtico International Underlay-19 is used for installing Amtico Click, as it will take out minor surface imperfections and make the floor quieter underfoot. However, the use of underlay is unnecessary if the substrate is of good quality and sound insulation is not required.

4. Does Amtico flooring scratch?

An Amtico floor is extremely hardwearing – scuff, slip and dent resistant but even this tough surface is not indestructible and can be scratched and marked by sharp grit that is ground into your floor covering.

5. Is Amtico floor waterproof?

Amtico tiles are impervious to water, but there is the possibility of adhesive softening if the floor is underwater for any length of time.

6. Is Amtico good for kitchens & bathrooms?

Click Smart is Amtico’s easy-to-fit Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring collection of stylish wood and stone designs that simply click into place with no need for underlay or adhesive. The collection is 100% waterproof and suitable for use with underfloor heating, making this Click LVT perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

7. How to clean an Amtico floor?

Unlike a natural floor, Amtico LVT doesn’t need regular buffing, polishing, and refurbishment. The key to maintaining any floor is to keep it clean, and the beauty of Amtico products is that there is very little maintenance required.

Thus, we recommend you sweep frequently, mop occasionally, and use an Amtico Entrance mat to reduce the chance of dirt and grime being walked onto your floor. We can supply an Amtico floorcare maintainer for regular cleaning with a standard mop, to remove any marks that don’t disappear with a light sweep. 

8. What is an Amtico floor stripper?

As part of your cleaning regime we recommend once a year, or as required,  a deeper clean using amtico floorcare stripper. This product will remove any ingrained dirt and then once rinsed and allowed to dry. You then apply Amtico Floorcare Dressing for a fresh new look.

  9. What is an Amtico mat?

Amtico Floorcare Mats are specifically designed matting to be used at all entrances to help reduce the chance of water, grit, and dirt being walked onto your floor. Multi-grip rubber backing – Super Absorbent. Machine washable – 100% Non-staining cotton.

10. How long does an Amtico Floor last?

Amtico Signature comes with the reassurance of a Lifetime Warranty. This Lifetime Warranty applies to the lifetime of the purchaser. If your house is sold, the warranty is transferable to the next and subsequent owners, with a limit of 35 years from installation. Alternatively, you get 25 years warranty with Amtico Spacia.

With long-lasting warranties, you can be happy choosing LVT as a long-term flooring choice.

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