Why you should choose the Amtico Tile Range

Amtico spacia

The Amtico tile range has been rising in popularity in the last few years. This is because homeowners are seeing Amtico tiles beautiful look in other homes and the wonderful floors it creates!

Also, there are lots of options when it comes to Amtico floor tiles, as you can choose from many colours and designs. For instance, if you have a grey kitchen there are some great dark colours of Amtico tiles with designs that we know you will love. 

Moreover, the aesthetics of the Amtico tiles are not the only great advantage in choosing them. Amtico flooring is the most durable luxury vinyl floor tile you can buy and will not split or discolour like wood or stone flooring.

Thus, this type of flooring has a long lifespan allowing you to get the most out of your money. And, this blog from Stones Carpets will go through in-depth of these amazing benefits you will feel when choosing Amtico floor tiles. 

Advantages of Amtico floor tiles

Stress-free cleaning

So, Amtico tile flooring has a great feature; that being how easy it is to keep clean and that’s just what you want in a kitchen with crumbs, spills or even dirt comes in from your outside shoes. Also, you don’t have to go to as much effort to protect your floor as you would if you had real wood flooring. But, with luxury Amtico tiles, it literally is a case of a sweep up; or even the occasional mop to keep it looking good as new.

Long-lasting flooring option

Amtico tiling is tough enough to resist scratches, dents and stains. On the other hand, it’s flexible enough to be comfortable under your feet and prevent cracking or chipping! Therefore, Amtico is a very smart choice throughout the home, particularly for a busy family with children and pets. 

In conclusion, if you are bought on the idea of Amtico tiling for your home then choose Stones Carpets. We have a selection of colour and patterns that we know you will love! So, contact us or see us in-store when you can.